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Call us: +91 9289010960, 9717882139

We provide fast & secure

Shared Hosting

Website Hosting Process

One-click lightning speed installation and on-site managing, consultation

High Uptime

The system or server assigned would work very frequently, even in downtime, with connectivity and data encoding, security at the peak.

Multithreading Processing

The processors installed in each server are like a handler; they work multitasking to create hyper-threading and perform operation flawlessly.

Idiot-proof Resources

Every shared or dedicated hosting plan, we sell, has innate and customized resources that help to create and manage multiple websites.

Uncomplicated Databases

Databases handling is one of the hectic tasks. Our hosting services hold everything interlinked so access and instructions guide more to you.

High Shared Space

Shared hosting services are alike 50 websites in shared space -- which also varies; our hosting does not do shared, instead it keeps space allocated l

Effortlessly Manageable

Hosting services, we sell, are all designed under self-management ideas so the resources built-in a panel can be managed and modified effortlessly.

Why Choose Our Web Hosting?


Our web hosting has 30 times faster speed with out-and-out security than any other.

Web hosting is a vital part of a website. It allows a website to appear on the Internet with limited or unlimited space allotted to it. However, there are some other factors which depend on web hosting such as website’s performance, loading time, space or file limit for installed applications and plug-ins, server’s location, etc. If we consider these all, the revenue lost to a company, whose website is hosted by one of the best companies, is come about to zero. Even though the website does not sell any of the significant services, there maybe a perfect stream of visitors come over, which could crush the hosting service in a single action itself. Paridhi Web Tech here stands equal to the requirements of you and tries to provide the maximum a web hosting service can provide. Since, our web hosting service does not have a limit and neither any restrictions. Once a website is hosted, then it operates like streamflow and get all the power to yourself of the hosting resource with a straightforwardly made all-in-one panel.

Our fiery fast web hosting under a high-powered server process every data of your website even the acknowledgement in just a matter of time. Simple with dedicated support and completely isolated resources web hosting service is offered to you. As a result, you can add unlimited websites under a single hosting and start your own business or altogether at no less than an inexpensive price. You get SSD, CPU with 2-3 cores, RAM and bandwidth depend upon the usage without having to consult any person or savvy to control your server.

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